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  1. Layered Skirt Tutorial

    I love this skirt pattern because it's simple to make, it is fairly forgiving to mistakes (and most body shapes!), and the finished product looks more complex than it is! This is really more of a tutorial than a pattern. I don’t have all of your measurements, I don …

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  2. RSI Glove Pattern

    A completed RSI glove

    Repetative Strain Injuries (RSI) in the wrists are an extremely common problem for programmers, graduate students, and crafters since they are caused by over-using your hands doing repetative motions such as typing or knitting for long periods. Given this, both Christine and I have needed wrist braces intermittently for over …

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  3. Basic Sewing Patterns

    Since I'm teaching Christine how to sew, it felt like an ideal time to make my first official Free Soft Wear patterns! We're starting with two basic patterns, the 'hello world' of sewing. The first is a dice bag with a drawstring, the second is the most basic skirt tutorial …

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  4. Free Soft Wear!

    A clothing label that says "Free Soft Wear, Let's make things together" in red text on an off white background

    In the aftermath of completing my dissertation, I have been doing a bit of sewing and consequently I've been thinking a lot lately about free culture licensed sewing and craft patterns. A little over a year ago, we had a discussion about this in #fossandcrafts and were workshoping a phrase …

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  5. Same page, now in Pelican!

    I first set up this website in 2018 and have barely updated it in the interim. Fresh off of our Digital Humanities workshops, which used scribble and racket, I decided to use frog (racket's static site generator) because the the content could be formatted using scribble.

    Now that I finally …

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